Cashmere Term 3, 2019

Welcome to term 3 at Cashmere!

We have had a busy term so far and have been enjoying the warmer weather and lighter evenings.

The children love doing art and we have been experimenting with a few different things lately, including: making our own stencils and scrapbooks.

We had fun in the kitchen recently with our cupcake decorating challenge too!

The field, court and playground are still firm favourites and we try to go out when the weather is fine and the field is free from other bookings.

We have also been playing some card and board games and especially enjoy Old Maid, UNO and Doodle Dice at the end of each day as a great way to relax before home time.

We are looking forward to the rest of the term and more afternoons in the sunshine 🙂

With thanks

The Cashmere team