Cashmere Term 1, 2019

Cashmere has had a very busy start to the year.  Our numbers have increased and we are slowly getting to know all of our new children and their families.

We are having great fun with our arts and crafts.  Lots of hot glue guns, ice cream sticks, scrap paper, wool, pom poms, photo frames and collages!!

We have been learning a game from New Guinea, ‘coconut scramble.’ A bit similar to ‘rob the nest’, it is a new favourite.  

Homework is coming in slowly but surely, hopefully soon we will all be in a routine.  In the meantime, if your child has no designated homework we have work sheets and books on hand.  We encourage homework time as many of the children have reading and spelling or maths sheets.  Older children have devices and have maths activities or inquiries to complete.  If your child has device homework we have a ‘device policy’ form to be signed by the parent or caregiver, please see us if you have not signed this form.

Homework time is a great opportunity to get work done before children get home.

Cashmere HWC 🙂