St Martins Term 3, 2019

Hi and welcome to St Martins Homework Club for term 3!

We have been mixing things up with our activities here at St Martins recently and going old school! Some of the most popular things to do have been playing with puzzles which is entertaining children of all ages. We have built up to 100 piece puzzles and we are almost ready to progress onto bigger and harder ones! The good old banana boxes have been making an appearance too and it’s been awesome to see the different games the children can come up with using just a standard box. 

Using the resources in the hall, we have also started building forts for the children to hide and play in. They’ve really enjoyed hanging up sheets to build their base and hiding away to play cards or do word searches. 

When the weather is good, we have loved going outside and spending the afternoon on the playground. The return of the basketball hoop has provided a lot of entertainment with games such as Risk and King making an appearance once more. Some of the children have really enjoyed getting the chalk out and getting creative on the footpath which has resulted in some beautiful artwork! 

So far, it’s been an awesome term here at St Martins and we are looking forward to seeing what the rest of the term brings!


Danielle, Bella, Lois, James, and Sam