St Martins, Term 1, 2019

Hi and welcome to St Martins HWC for 2019!

We have started off this year by having some very exciting changes, the first of which being that we have welcomed Emily as a second supervisor to help now that our centre has grown. We continue to see many new faces, both children and staff, so 2019 is starting off as a very exciting year of change!

We have also decided to “shake” the programme up a bit so the children can have more free time! This means we are meeting at the playground rather than the hall after school so the children can have up to time on the adventure playground before homework time. At homework time, we have started splitting the group, so any child who is 10 or older will be in the library until 5pm. This means we have been able to adjust homework time and free time to suit each age group better and then children can get the most enjoyment possible out of the homework club! So far we’ve been able to do more group games with the juniors and do quizzes and word search races with the seniors. If you have any other suggestions of things we can try or things you feel aren’t working, please feel free to talk to Danielle or Emily.

We can’t wait to see what this year will bring and we’re sure it’s going to be a great one!


Danielle, Emily, Bella, Lois