Cashmere Term 4, 2018

Hi and welcome back to term 4 at the HWC!  We really enjoy terms 1 and 4 as we can use the field.  The children always really enjoy this as we can play games, get into some soccer, play badminton, if it isn’t too windy.  You will usually find us down there at the end of the day when it isn’t quite so hot and quite often some of our parents even end up joining in on the soccer game, got to love the sunshine! J

We have had some new games introduced to our HWC and we are enjoying learning how to play them, ‘Chicken, Chicken’ is one of our new games and it requires quite a bit of team co-ordination and sneaky ball passing skills.  We are also becoming quite skilled at playing Four Square. 

Craft time has also been fun, although not a compulsory part of our day, lots of our children have been enjoying relaxing and making some very cool artworks.

Christmas is fast approaching and our four Homework Club’s all plan and organise an end of year fundraiser.  In the past we, Cashmere, have supported Ronald McDonald House.  This year we will do the same!  We will be making felt Candy Cane mice to hang on the Christmas Tree.  We will be selling these towards the end of term and will let you know when they will be available to buy.  The children always enjoy preparing for this and our older children will man and run the HWC shop!  Lots of fun!

We have enjoyed working with and caring for your children this year and look forward to seeing you all again next year!  Take care and enjoy the remainder of this last term and hope you all have a nice break over the holidays.

Thank you, Sara, Alison and the Cashmere HWC team!