Barrington Term 4, 2018

Welcome back to Term 4!

The children have been busy already this term enjoying our Halloween craft. We have been decorating our daffodil room with bats, skeletons, freaky eye balls and our Mickey Mouse pumpkin!

Baking is always a hit here at after school care! The kids have loved to help the staff bake yummy cakes, slices and muffins.

Our term 4 fundraiser will start in a few weeks so look out for this, it is an awesome way for us to give back to our community! 

As the weather gets warmer we are looking forward to spending a lot of our time outside in the sun using all of our sports equipment. This means that each child needs to come to Homework Club with a hat and drink bottle.

We look forward to another fun term here at Barrington Homework Club. 


Khalil, Emily and the Barrington team