Barrington Term 2, 2019

Term 2 2019

Hi Parents!

Term 2 is flying by and we have been having a lot of fun indoors as the colder weather starts to set in.

This Term we have welcomed Belle onto our Barrington team, who has been fantastic and come up with some great activity ideas for the kids. Feel free to introduce yourself to her if you haven’t already!

Our little MasterChef’s have been busy in the kitchen this term, making pizzas, cheese toasties, cupcakes – and we have loads more baking activities planned for the rest of the term!

We have also been getting crafty this term making homemade lava lamps, mini cork boats and volcano science experiments. Kinetic sand and our playdough hair salon has also been really popular, as has our parachute for playing shark attack!

As always your feedback is always appreciated especially with the ongoing renovations, if there is anything extra we can do to help your child have an awesome day feel free to come talk to us!

Khalil, Belle, Emily and the Barrington team