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Beckenham Term 3, 2019

Kia Ora Beckenham Parents

Recently we have been enjoying the longer days and sunshine. The children love doing art and craft, outside play as well as fun indoor activities. 

We have been using the Mobilo and magnetic building toys to make our own imaginative creations. 

Some of the art we have enjoyed has been making our own paper doll creations and junk modelling with recycled materials to build our own models. 

We have had several colouring in competitions and enjoyed group games like manhunt, all in tag and go home stay home outside.

Can you please make sure your child has a drink bottle and sun hat. Here are some photos of us enjoying ourselves.

With thanks,

The Beckenham team 

Cashmere Term 3, 2019

Welcome to term 3 at Cashmere!

We have had a busy term so far and have been enjoying the warmer weather and lighter evenings.

The children love doing art and we have been experimenting with a few different things lately, including: making our own stencils and scrapbooks.

We had fun in the kitchen recently with our cupcake decorating challenge too!

The field, court and playground are still firm favourites and we try to go out when the weather is fine and the field is free from other bookings.

We have also been playing some card and board games and especially enjoy Old Maid, UNO and Doodle Dice at the end of each day as a great way to relax before home time.

We are looking forward to the rest of the term and more afternoons in the sunshine 🙂

With thanks

The Cashmere team

St Martins Term 3, 2019

Hi and welcome to St Martins Homework Club for term 3!

We have been mixing things up with our activities here at St Martins recently and going old school! Some of the most popular things to do have been playing with puzzles which is entertaining children of all ages. We have built up to 100 piece puzzles and we are almost ready to progress onto bigger and harder ones! The good old banana boxes have been making an appearance too and it’s been awesome to see the different games the children can come up with using just a standard box. 

Using the resources in the hall, we have also started building forts for the children to hide and play in. They’ve really enjoyed hanging up sheets to build their base and hiding away to play cards or do word searches. 

When the weather is good, we have loved going outside and spending the afternoon on the playground. The return of the basketball hoop has provided a lot of entertainment with games such as Risk and King making an appearance once more. Some of the children have really enjoyed getting the chalk out and getting creative on the footpath which has resulted in some beautiful artwork! 

So far, it’s been an awesome term here at St Martins and we are looking forward to seeing what the rest of the term brings!


Danielle, Bella, Lois, James, and Sam 

Barrington Term 3, 2019

Hi Parents!

The year seems to flying by and it’s only fair we share some of the fun we’ve been having here at Barrington this term!

This term we have welcomed Maeva to the team, who is currently at Cashmere High and volunteering for us after school.

We’ve been quite lucky with the winter weather this term (apart from weekends!), and with spring right around the corner we’ve been making the most of our sunny days to go have some fun on the playground after school!

We have a lot of baking projects planned this term, and following on from our doughnut bites, chocolate cake, pikelets, muffins and cupcakes we now have our eyes on trying to make sushi!

Our marble run has been very popular, as has our kinetic sand and play dough hair salon – we definitely have a few future hair stylists in the group.

Slime and science experiments are always in high demand, so we have a few more experiments planned this term for our little scientists. Finger painting has also been a favourite of ours, and we are looking forward to making some more animation cels from our favourite colourings later this term!

As always your feedback is always appreciated especially with the ongoing renovations, if there is anything extra we can do to help your child have an awesome day feel free to come talk to us!

Khalil, Belle, and the Barrington team

Cashmere Term 2, 2019

Kia ora

Cashmere have had a busy start to the term with some new entrants joining our programme as well as a few new families.  Welcome to everyone and we hope that your children have all enjoyed their time so far with us at Cashmere HWC.

We also welcome Lucy to our staff, Lucy has been busy preparing and organising our ever popular craft sessions each day, thanks Lucy! We have also continued our spelling practice at homework time and Lucy has also volunteered to take on this incentive, the whiteboard and the competition is always a lot of fun!  We love seeing the children enjoying the challenge and improving on their spelling skills.  

On this note, if your child has a particular book or series of books they are reading at home, feel free to pop one in their bag for our homework time as having a time of quiet and relaxation is always beneficial at the end of a busy school day.

We were able to purchase a couple of pool tables which have proven to be very popular, I think we have some budding players amongst us!  Some of the staff have been challenged to a game or two, I think we need to brush up on our skills! 

Thankfully we have been able to go outside on most days this term which has been great!  We are all hoping for some bright sunny Winter days so we can make use of the soccer field, courts and playground.

We are always encouraged to observe the relationships between our older and younger children. We believe that the HWC is a really good way of developing these healthy friendships and help in building character and responsibility.

The Cashmere HWC

St Martins Term 2, 2019

Hi and welcome to St Martins Homework Club for term 2!

This term has started off with some more staff changes as we welcome Emily W as the senior supervisor as well as Sam and Kirsten spending some time here with us. 

With the weather getting colder, the juniors have been spending more time inside and that means doing more craft! So far this term, we’ve been getting creative with paper plates and plastic cups and seeing how many different things we can make with just one simple thing as our base. So far we have made elephants, foxes, monsters, UFO’s, flowers, llamas, polar bears and so much more! The children have all been enjoying testing out their creativity! And as always, toys such as the blocks and magnetics are keeping everyone entertained! 

The seniors have been really enjoying trivia during their homework time and playing Gaga Ball in the Gaga Pit whenever the weather allows it. We are very lucky to have the extra space in the library to give them an opportunity to play some group games that are more suited towards them which also means our juniors get to run around a bit more as well! 

Please remember that for this term and next term, all children will need a jersey before they can go outside. 

So far we are all having a really great term and wait to see what else we will get to do!


Danielle, Emily, Bella, Lois, Kirsten, Samuel 

Beckenham Term 2, 2019

Kia Ora Beckenham parents

This term we have welcomed some new children and have been enjoying both inside and outside play. The colder weather is a great opportunity to spend time baking, art and craft and indoor games. 

Please ensure your child has a jacket on wet days. They are also welcome to wear gumboots, hats and gloves in cold weather for the walk back.

We look forward to another great term!

With thanks

Liz and the Beckenham team 🙂

Barrington Term 2, 2019

Term 2 2019

Hi Parents!

Term 2 is flying by and we have been having a lot of fun indoors as the colder weather starts to set in.

This Term we have welcomed Belle onto our Barrington team, who has been fantastic and come up with some great activity ideas for the kids. Feel free to introduce yourself to her if you haven’t already!

Our little MasterChef’s have been busy in the kitchen this term, making pizzas, cheese toasties, cupcakes – and we have loads more baking activities planned for the rest of the term!

We have also been getting crafty this term making homemade lava lamps, mini cork boats and volcano science experiments. Kinetic sand and our playdough hair salon has also been really popular, as has our parachute for playing shark attack!

As always your feedback is always appreciated especially with the ongoing renovations, if there is anything extra we can do to help your child have an awesome day feel free to come talk to us!

Khalil, Belle, Emily and the Barrington team 

St Martins, Term 1, 2019

Hi and welcome to St Martins HWC for 2019!

We have started off this year by having some very exciting changes, the first of which being that we have welcomed Emily as a second supervisor to help now that our centre has grown. We continue to see many new faces, both children and staff, so 2019 is starting off as a very exciting year of change!

We have also decided to “shake” the programme up a bit so the children can have more free time! This means we are meeting at the playground rather than the hall after school so the children can have up to time on the adventure playground before homework time. At homework time, we have started splitting the group, so any child who is 10 or older will be in the library until 5pm. This means we have been able to adjust homework time and free time to suit each age group better and then children can get the most enjoyment possible out of the homework club! So far we’ve been able to do more group games with the juniors and do quizzes and word search races with the seniors. If you have any other suggestions of things we can try or things you feel aren’t working, please feel free to talk to Danielle or Emily.

We can’t wait to see what this year will bring and we’re sure it’s going to be a great one!


Danielle, Emily, Bella, Lois

Cashmere Term 1, 2019

Cashmere has had a very busy start to the year.  Our numbers have increased and we are slowly getting to know all of our new children and their families.

We are having great fun with our arts and crafts.  Lots of hot glue guns, ice cream sticks, scrap paper, wool, pom poms, photo frames and collages!!

We have been learning a game from New Guinea, ‘coconut scramble.’ A bit similar to ‘rob the nest’, it is a new favourite.  

Homework is coming in slowly but surely, hopefully soon we will all be in a routine.  In the meantime, if your child has no designated homework we have work sheets and books on hand.  We encourage homework time as many of the children have reading and spelling or maths sheets.  Older children have devices and have maths activities or inquiries to complete.  If your child has device homework we have a ‘device policy’ form to be signed by the parent or caregiver, please see us if you have not signed this form.

Homework time is a great opportunity to get work done before children get home.

Cashmere HWC 🙂